I always dress up for Mass after all I am going to see the King of Kings who is present in the Blessed Sacrament. I wear a Mantilla as an outward sign of reverence and humility before God .The Mantilla helps me keep my focus on God and acts as a prayer shawl ..a type of Tallit .
Wearing it was difficult at first at the Novus Ordo Mass as I was the only one but now for me I know beyond doubt that it is the right thing to do!.


Why Wear the Veil?

In ancient traditions dating back even thousands of years, the “veil” represented purity and modesty in many religions and cultures. A veil, or head amantilla2covering, is both a symbol and a mystical sacrifice that invites the woman wearing it to ascend the ladder of sanctity.

When a woman covers her head in the Catholic Church it symbolises her dignity and humility before God, not men. It is no surprise women of today have so easily abandoned the tradition of the chapel veil (head covering) when the two greatest meanings of the veil are purity and humility.

The woman who covers her head in the presence of the Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is reminding herself that she must be humble before God. As with all outward gestures, if it is practised enough it filters down into the heart and is translated into actions that speak volumes. The “veil” covers what the Lord calls, in Holy Scripture, “the glory of the woman”, her hair. Covering her hair is a gesture the woman makes spiritually to “show” God she recognises her beauty is less than His and His Glory is far above hers.

In doing this she is reminded that virtues cannot grow in the soul without a great measure of humility. So she wears the veil to please God and remind herself to practice virtue more ardently.

South Korea Pastor's "Drop Box" Saves Abandoned Babies From Infanticide

Lee Jong-rak is a Korean pastor in South Korea. Hundreds of unwanted babies are abandoned on the side of the street in South Korea every year. Jong-rak knew he needed to set up a way to save the lives of these precious babies. He built a drop box on the side of his home with a humble sign reading, "Place to leave babies."



A Letter on Marriage

from the President and Vice-President of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales.

Read in the parishes of England and Wales on 10th and 11th March 2012 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

This week the Coalition Government is expected to present its consultation paper on the proposed change in the legal definition of marriage so as to open the institution of marriage to same-sex partnerships.


Does doing yoga make you a Hindu?

As yoga is part of the Hindu religion and all the exercise are connected to it should Christians be using it as an exercise or do we enter into another religion by doing so .








40 Days for Life: a Christian witness for the unborn

Christopher Norfolk (Taken from FSSP Dowry magazine, December 2012 issue)

40 Days for Life London

It is strange that the pro-life cause in England and Wales should be so limited to committed Christians, most especially Catholics. There is no reason why an atheist or religious of any sort would not support such a cause; are we not all the fruit of our mother's wombs?