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The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council:

A Counterpoint for the History of the Council

Debates continue to rage about the correct interpretation of Vatican Council II.In his book Archbishop Marchetto addresses critical issues and controversies which are often points of confusion and misinformation.
Archbishop Marchetto criticizes the Bologna School, which, he suggests,has succeeded in presenting the Second Vatican Council as a kind of "Copernican revolution, a passing to another Catholicism".However, the council was in all important regards continuous with the Catholic past and the tradition of the Church.

With the official documents of the Council as his evidence, Archbishop Marchetto challenges the Bologna school viewpoint as myopic and historically incorrect. He reminds us that to correctly understand the Council we should first and foremost read, assess, and evaluate the content and substance of the Council's official documents.

Commenting on EWTN News, Archbishop Marchetto insisted that Vatican II was "aided by the Holy Spirit, who cannot speak or commit errors or proclaim things that are against the Gospel or the history of the Church as part of the deposit of faith."

Archbishop Marchetto quotes a passage from an address Pope John Paul II gave ;

"The Implementation of Vatican II."The pope's said:

"The church has always known the rules for a correct interpretation of the contents of dogma. These rules are woven into the fabric of faith and not outside it. To read the council as if it marked a break with the past, while in fact it placed itself in the line of the faith of all times, is decidedly unacceptable."

Archbishop Marchetto – former secretary of the Pontifical Council for Migrants and Itinerant People




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