Church Militant Field Manual

Special Forces Training for the Life in Christ

by Fr Richard M. Heilman, Joseph Balistreri (Illustrator)


God wants you, but He wants you "strong" in His supernatural power.

From the very first days of our membership in the Mystical Body of Christ,

we are,in essence,commissioned officers in the Church Militant.

This Church Militant Field Manual will test youin your resolve to become strong

in the Lord and His mighty power.

You will also learn the special operations (special ops) techniques and procedures

for search and rescue missions of fallen comrades(family and friends whose faith has grown weak). Discover what it means to be "God strong."


Three books

      • Church Militant Field Manual: Special Forces Training for the Life in Christ

      • Strength and Alliance: Church Militant Field Journal

      • Fortes in Fide: Church Militant Prayer Book.

About the Author
Fr. Richard M. Heilman is a priest for the Diocese of Madison. He is the founder

of the Knights of Divine Mercy, which is an apostolate for Catholic men’s faith formation,

and he is a Fourth Degree chaplain for the Knights of Columbus, chaplain for the

Madison area Holy Family Homeschoolers, an advisory board member of

St. Ambrose Academy, and board member of the Women’s Care Center.

With his expertise in spiritual direction, Father Heilman is also a regular

guest priest on Relevant Radio’s,

The Inner Life. Father Heilman has a passion for the pro-life cause and is also the

founder of Kneel for Life,which encourages all to draw upon God’s supernatural

strength and power through prayer before all pro-life efforts.


These books are easy to use and have charts to keep you on course and will

help you grow in Holiness.
We live in difficult times when the earth is constantly shifting from beneath us morally

and we need to be strong in our faith .
Using Fr Heilman helps you build up your own spiritual army to fight against the enemy and

gives you sure footing to defend our faith .
Just think when you come to the throne of God and you have brought many souls with you simply

by praying with the Holy souls and the saints ...truly you will be in the community of saints . .




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